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About Coach Salmon
Consultant, Trainer, and Coach
Premier management consulting for businesses and executives.

1. Honesty, transparency, and dedication.
2. Client satisfaction is our top priority.
3. Do what it takes to get the job done right.
4. The little things can make a big difference.

To help you and your company grow by executing S.E.E.:

  • Systemize and Streamline: eliminate redundancies and implement systems
  • Efficiency: maximize individual and departmental efficiency.
  • Effectiveness: increase the impact of daily operations.

3. Provide outside perspective, objective input, experienced advice, and coaching.

Take control of your successes. Together, we develop a plan, but you work the plan, the team tweaks the plan, and the plan will work for you.

<br/>executive coaching services
If you are willing to change, things will improve. Change is inevitable but growth is optional. If you want to be successful, you must be willing to do things differently!

Some things for you to consider
Work with a purpose.

Does every member of your management team know their role in your company's plan for success?

Do they come to work every day with a positive, growth mindset?

These consulting and coaching services help your team orient towards the future with a cohesive focus on streamlined operations and attention to the small details that make big impacts.

Customized consulting for your unique business

Beneath this range of services is a core dedication to positivity, encouragement, and personal regard for your company's success.

Process Improvement

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Sales Training

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Marketing and Advertising

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Personal Development

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Management Training

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Management Development

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Systemization and Continuous Improvement

Train the Trainer
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Developing Leaders
Succession Planning
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Strategic Planning
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Work Flow Process Development
Executive Coaching
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One on One Coaching
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Life Coaching
Frequently asked questions
Get to know the Coach Salmon process

You can always call or email for more clarification and detail about the consultation and coaching process.

  • Are you the one who will come and consult for me?

    Yes. However, I have other consultants who will assist throughout the duration of the engagement. This allows me to service more than just a few clients at a time. Each assisting consultant will focus on a specific area that depends on your company's needs.

  • How long have you been consulting?

    I have consulted for the past ten years and have an additional eighteen years of management and leadership hands-on experience. So a total of twenty-eight years experience that I will bring to your company. Also, I have consulted, trained, coached, and worked with people and companies from all around the world. This cross-culture experience brings a wealth of knowledge, background, history, and success to your company.

  • How much do you charge for your services

    This depends on the needs of your company. Once a company evaluation is completed, a fee structure is designed and customized based on your needs, wants, and desires. Each company typically sees a return on their investment and finds that revenues, profits, and cash flow are generated to cover the investment.

  • What are the services you offer?

    1. Sales training and systemization
    2. Customer service training and systemization
    3. HR training and systemization or streamlining
    4. Management training, development, and coaching
    5. Leadership training and development
    6. Executive coaching
    7. Strategic planning and company expansion
    8. Project management
    9. English and Spanish Translation
    10. English as a second language training
    11. Spanish as a second language training
    12. Portuguese as a second language training
    And much more. This also depends on the specific needs of your company.

  • What are the steps to determining if I am intersted in your services or not?

    1. Phone interview. Contact me so we can discuss any issues and address any questions you have. This is a no-obligation phone conversation.
    2. If it is determined we should meet, we set up a time to visit at your office for a fact-finding investigation. This meeting is also a no-obligation meeting.
    3. Fact-Finding meeting: This meeting is with the company's owner or CEO to determine if this is what your company needs.
    4. If the owner or CEO is satisfied with the initial findings, then a meeting with the management team to answer additional questions, clarify any issues, and provide an overview of the plan.
    5. A critical path will then be outlined if everyone is agreed to proceed forward
    6. A start date and implementation plan determined
    7. Engagement Letter written up for approval and signature
    8. Initial payment is provided and the engagement begins

  • What Industries have you consulted in?

    1. Audio/visual
    2. Landscaping
    3. Retail and wholesale foods
    4. Produce industry
    5. Book distribution
    6. For-profit and non-profit organizations
    7. Carpet and Upholstery
    8. Oriental and Fine Rugs
    9. New flooring and other textile sales and installation
    10. Real estate
    11. Automobile
    12. Hair and beauty salon
    13. Construction
    14. Information Technology
    15. Imaging and Document Management
    16. Plumbing/HVAC
    17. Manufacturing

  • What is your payment policy?

    Payment for services is expected at the end of each visit or as scheduled in the payment schedule in the engagement agreement. Most clients put a portion of the total engagement investment down upon signing the agreement, and the balance is scheduled out over the next visits. There are those who pay for services as they receive them.

    Some clients pay based on a percentage of the increase, project fee, daily rate, and hourly rate. So there is some flexibility here. I am willing to work out a win/win situation that is reasonable, realistic, and practical.

  • What type of industries does your system work in?

    Any sales-based company.
    Any company who has a customer service focus.
    Any company who has managers and supervisors.
    Any company that has a desire to grow its revenues and profits.
    Any company who is needing some streamlining.
    Any company who is needing some systemizing.
    Any company who has a need to develop an HR or Personnel department.
    Any company who has a need to become more effective and efficient in their industry.
    Companies wishing to re-organize.
    Companies working on a succession plan for their families.
    Companies wishing to confirm that they are on the right track for longevity.

Kind words from clients
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